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almost a perfectionist
24 May 2010 @ 11:56 am
wow I haven't posted in ages and ages, I wish I did more often. anyways, I had to write something about lost because I've watched the show since season 1, and it was a pretty big part of my life although I did lose interest a bit somewhere along the way. still I always watched every ep when it aired.

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the finale of legend of the seeker was more kickass imo. it made me cry in a good way, not in rage, haha. loved it. I wish it hadn't been cancelled. I've been unlucky with tv shows lately, boo. I also hated the community season finale. bones was okay.
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almost a perfectionist
09 March 2010 @ 12:07 am
boohoo, legend of the seeker hasn't been renewed for season 3 yet, and all the fans are going crazy trying to save the show! I wish I could do more but I don't even watch the show on any tv channel so I can't do that much! sucks. there's even a site!

if you have a spare minute and want to help, please sign this petition:
http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/LOTS3/ - you only need a name or initials and some email!

and vote on this poll:
http://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/legend-of-the-seeker-cancelled/ - I don't even know if it's any use but doesn't hurt right?

I don't think I'll be sending snail mail to the studios or anything, although I might if I lived in the states, but I am thinking about emailing some of the emails the fans have gathered together to spam. ahahaha. why do I even like this show so much? I really don't want to lose it yet.

if it gets canceled craig horner won't be doing this on my screen anymore!


in other news, I have a week off school and I haven't got anything planned for the week and that kinda sucks because then next monday I'll be wondering where this week went! at least I'll hopefully be rested. :D

fingers crossed this winter has finally passed the coldest days and I won't have to freeze in my apartment anymore. I had 18ºC in here at the worst because the building's heating wasn't working properly! now it's all good but I will freeze nevertheless if it gets cold again.

happy women's day guys! :D
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almost a perfectionist
14 February 2010 @ 02:18 pm
I hope you're all having a beautiful day and feel loved by either a significant other, or your friends or your family! it's also shrove sunday here in finland so we're going to eat buns filled with whipped cream and marmelade. will attempt to bake them with my friend if we dare destroy one of our kitchens. XD

I finally got my new laptop this wednesday! it has windows 7 so it is a vaio! it's this one. I really love it, it kinda looks like a macbook a little bit, because I do think they're really pretty. I guess I just wasn't ready for a mac or something. so I hope this lasts me long enough until I might be ready. but I'm so excited to just use this. my desk computer is drawing its last breath every day. I love it as well, though, so I hope it's not done with me quite yet.

yesterday I saw valentine's day with meri and hanna, and I wasn't expecting much at all, but it still didn't manage to surprise me very positively. I liked it enough not to get bored but that's pretty much it. at least the whole audience was cool and laughed and even clapped, so it made me feel like it was an okay movie. haha.

lost's what kate does wasn't as good as the premiere promised the season might be! yay skate, whatever, jears, sears (omg!), but what did kate do?

lots on the other hand was pretty frakking kickass!

happy valentine's day again!
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almost a perfectionist
08 February 2010 @ 03:09 pm
it's fun to have a regular class in a computer classroom and sit in the back row. and the keyboard is reallly quiet! I have to take this mandatory swedish course so I can graduate and it's kind of a pain in the ass but at least I have a couple of friends here.

so I was sick two weeks ago? wow has it already been that long. argh. anyway, I was sick for only five days, which is probably a record, and then I was so happy to be well I went and fucked up my back and now also my... groin? hurts. hips? groin sounds so wrong, haha.

this winter has been the coldest and snowiest since I can remember. we've had so many long periods of -15ºC it was getting annoying. now it's warmer but then of course it's snowing, and we're drowning in snooow. the roads get impassable and stuff. and it will probably get cold again soon enough. but I'll take all this over sleet and + degrees any day.

YAY LOST IS BACK!! I was so excited, I managed to rewatch all the seasons before the premiere last week. and I loved the episode, it was so much about the characters and just... nngh, please be good this season, lost.

I want to travel SO BAD. pretty much anywhere. I also want to shop shop shop. watching SATC hasn't helped much but I started rewatching it because of this craving. I need some small change, and a short trip might help with that.
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almost a perfectionist
30 December 2009 @ 10:52 pm
I don't always like doing this meme because it makes me realize how boring my year has been, haha. well, this year was okay, I did some nice things but wish I'd at least visited one country other than sweden. I love sweden, but it's so close by it's too easy to visit. ;)

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christmas was nice, I got a lot of stuff I'd hoped for, like a sports bra and dance pants, and pretty much all of it was useful. didn't eat wayyy too much chocolate and that cheesecake I made was kickass, so all was good. I think I'm a bit sick now, though, because I keep losing my sense of smell and, as a result, my sense of taste. boring as hell, but keeps me from eating all the time so whatever!

but I don't have anyone to hang out with tomorrow or anywhere to go! wth! all my friends are somewhere else or have other friends to be with, and I have... no one. that sounds so pathetic, but I do have friends! hahaha. it's just one of those years, and I was too lazy to ask around for a party or friend to party with. I don't know what I'll do tomorrow, maybe I should stay home and watch a moooovie? sounds like something I never do! par-tay! aw crap. oh well, will think about it.
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almost a perfectionist
24 December 2009 @ 01:19 am

it's christmas in finland already so I wanted to make a post. I was really bad with cards this year and didn't get around to mailing them or even making one in PS, I'm so sorry! I really wanted to. but...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS, or whatever else you're celebrating or not celebrating!


I'm at my parents and will spend a few nights here, which is fun. I made a cheesecake tonight for tomorrow and can't wait to eat it, hahaa!

I hope you all have a lovely time wherever you are! :) love you!
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almost a perfectionist
16 December 2009 @ 12:22 am
hi! um, legend of the seeker ate my brain. well, maybe not, but I made a wallpaper! I made it for my own use, but I like it so I thought I'd share for fun! I haven't done anything in AGES and it took me ridiculously long to figure out what to do and where to start. oh man.

1280x800. click for the original size.

we have snow here, yay! and it's COLD, I am really freezing in my apartment, it's too cold! only 20ºC inside! I need more! outside it's like -13º. now I feel all christmassy though, so that's a good thing. thanks leiascully for the lovely v-gift and mangomandie for the card, so cute! thanks guys!

only a few days before christmas break! I'm so tired, argh. but I'm excited! about things in general! which is good! and exclamation pointy!
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almost a perfectionist
27 November 2009 @ 01:53 am
hahaha, oh I'm laughing already, but I've been thinking of making this post for a few days and it won't leave me, so I have to. here it is. ok, my new favorite tv show?


please someone be watching it? I need someone to go nuts with! I don't think I've seen any LotS posts on my friends page so I'm afraid I might be alone in this, but if you don't know about the show, now let me tell you!

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alright, I think I'm done, I just had to get that off my chest because I watched the first season in about 4 days, which obviously turned my brain into mush, and... yeah.

in other news, there aren't many! the masquerade ball was kinda boring although it was so much fun getting dressed up and stuff. there were way too few people there! my muscles hurt really bad because yesterday we had some great dance classes, and I think I'll skip some tomorrow. ow.

happy thanksgiving my friends who celebrate it! I think there's a dinner at the school tomorrow but I'm not going since no friends are going either.

just waiting for the next LotS episode here... help!
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almost a perfectionist
08 November 2009 @ 12:18 am
oh cripes how fast time goes! and I just keep updating less and less. it makes me sad! but I just keep postponing it like it's a task or something although I think it would be good for me to post stuff every now and then because somehow I feel like "why bother" but why not? I think it is fun to update every now and then and ok, that's that. I will try. if I don't manage to do it until new year's, it will be my new year's resolution!

• school has been so boring I never could've imagined. I was supposed to start my thesis but there were no good groups so I'm just waiting for spring for my group to start. snore.

• I had my annual halloween party! it was loads of fun and I took photos but I'll be happy if I manage to get them on facebook one day. haha, argh.

• we got the first snow of the season on monday! I LOVE IT. it got warmer immediately, of course, and now it's all wet but I've been listening to christmas songs already. very fitting though, I always get over autumn on halloween and now we got snow immediately after so I started feeling christmasy.

• I've been rewatching my so-called life. anyone remember the show? haha, I love it. it's so 90's and it's not bad! makes me feel old, though, claire danes is 15 in it and I was about 8.

• I haven't seen any new good movies in ages! anyone have any recs? they don't have to be new movies, just new to me. although you can't know all the movies I've seen, but if you have anything in mind, tell me! just watched the brothers bloom today, and it was okay. not too awesome and not too bad. it was fun and pretty but the storyline was jumpy and awkward.

we're having a masquerade ball at school next saturday! I am ridiculously excited, it has been my dream for ages to go to one because I own some lovely masks and the idea is so great. can't wait! hopefully I'll manage to get some photos of that as well!
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almost a perfectionist
21 September 2009 @ 12:25 pm
I'm at school and I have 50 minutes to kill before I meet a friend for lunch so what else should I do than surf? I do have a book with me.

so... I've been sick for a week. I was exhausted before it hit me though so I saw it coming but it really did hit me fast and I couldn't prevent it at all. on monday evening my throat felt funny and tuesday evening a fever rose and on wednesday I had a slight fever all day. but it also went away as quickly as it went! it hasn't been a whole week and I'm totally fine except for the occasional need to blow my nose. thank you, body. I want to believe it is because I dance so much. and it wasn't the swine flu, haha.

holy crap my right eye is dry, stupid contacts. I don't get it. this hasn't happened to me before, it started after the contacts got upgraded to supposedly a better material. I guess not. I can't frakking wait to get my new glasses! I'm so glad I finally managed to go to an eye doctor and get a new prescription! AND what's better, the vision in my left eye had gotten slightly better! yessss. then I can use contacts a bit less, although I do love being eyeglassless. I've had them since I was 4 so I don't feel any need to use them, haha. it has been so different without them for a few years now. but my eyes really don't like the contacts.

hmm, I went to 2 auditions for formation groups like the one I was in last season. didn't get into either. boo. but I wasn't really burning to get in, so I wasn't even sad really when I didn't get it. the only thing about it would have been that it pushes you a bit more to work harder and learn more, so now I'm afraid that even though I'm in that dance program, I won't develop as much as I did last season. and I didn't get in because I was bad or anything, so knowing that makes me feel better about it, too.

being sick actually wasn't so bad either because I had an amazing weekend with a few friends. the weather has been so beautiful, warm and sunny for a fall, that I just want to do nothing else than go outside. but we watched a few movies and talked until almost 2am and it was fabulous!

after lunch I'm off to an info class about studying abroad in the US and canada! I can't go next fall yet, because there weren't any good thesis groups this fall and I start in the spring, so I continue in the fall. but I could possibly consider spring or fall 2011. god that's far away. oh well, you have to plan ahead!
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