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summertime for sure. new layout!

first of all, I redid my LJ layout after having the previous one for a few years. it was really time! now I have jason, yay. oonak oonak oonak! check it ouuut!

ahh, the weather has been perfect lately. today was rainy, but it's a nice change and it's hot and humid.

it's been a month now since my shoulder broke. it still hasn't healed. it's slightly depressing, but it is getting better still. and I will keep believing so. today I also went to dance class for the first time after it happened, and it hurt. I don't think it made the arm worse, but it didn't feel good. the physiotherapist told me to excercise and do all kinds of things, but I keep being really careful.

I don't know. I just wish it won't have to go to surgery. but I won't even think about that yet.

wow my allergies suddenly started acting up like crazy! I wonder if I should go check if I really have some specific allergy. I'm completely stuffed and my throat itches, ugh. I could take antihistamine but I truly have some phobia about meds nowadays. all I can take are painkillers without being scared of what they will do to me. haha, I don't know when that happened. but I don't like polluting my body with anything unless I really really have to.

I've been watching SYTYCD season 7 and my favorite dancer is robert! he is soooo cute and pretty gay, and I love his personality and he's a really good dancer too. and hot. and hot is also jake gyllenhaal, who I suddenly fell in love with. I watched 5 of his movies in a few days. now I'm a bit calmed down, haha. but man, I loved the good girl! so funny and sad. anyone seen it?

pretty little liars has some hot people on it, too! especially ian harding's english teacher ezra fitz. so cuuute, and my age, haha. I ship ezra/aria now, and it's fun to have a ship!

the world cup is also taking up half of my evenings! only a week left! I'm rooting for spain so bad, but I'm afraid germany will win. I love the spanish NT so much! they haven't been playing their best I guess, but I don't care. they are hot and cute and awesome!

midsummer was loads of fun, I drove with 4 friends to a summer house and we cooked and sunbathed and went to a midsummer eve's dance! mom and I also visited tallinn a few days earlier, and I thought I might make a photo post about the old city, it's really beautiful. I hadn't visited the city before although it takes two hours by boat. there seem to be good shopping places there, too.

well this was a long post! I obviously need to update more often, haha.
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