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oh hai!

um, I kind of got obsessed with football. what? like I wrote in my previous post, I was pretty much watching every game. not every single one, though, but most. and all the spanish games, hahaa. so YESSSSS SPAIN WON! haha this is old news now and stuff, but no one on my flist (except at_midnight, but we support different teams) seemed to be that much into it anyway so no matter.

I actually saw the semi-final of spain-germany in a bar and that was a hilarious experience. it was ridiculously hot and we managed to get a table near two horrible loudmouths. they looked pretty at first but when they started watching it was a pain to be near them, haha. the final I watched at home so I could concentrate. anyway, I got horrible world cup withdrawal. and fell more in love with the spanish NT. lord. that's gerard piqué in my new icon, haha.

for some days it's been so hot I've had to leave my apartment as soon as possible because I sit still and sweat in here! I only have one fan and it doesn't do much. in the evenings it's perfect, and I prefer it this way around of course, but maaan. I've swum in the ocean only once although it might have been good to go on those hot days. brain, melted with the heat.

shouder-wise, I've been getting better still. it still hurts in specific positions but less and less every day, so yay! I really want to dance.
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