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um, hi?

I'm still heeere! and I'm procrastinating so much that I ended up here. I have been meaning to update because my last one is from july(!!!), but school is ruining my life right now, haha. soo, quick updates I guess.

• my shoulder is so much better! the physiotherapist told me not to come anymore after 3 visists, the last of which was in august, and he told me to keep doing the stuff I had been doing. the soulder still feels a bit different, and aches a tiny bit from time to time, but it's still getting there. phew. eventually this might have been a good thing because I'm forced to work on my arm and shoulder muscles now, and I always wanted to but didn't have motivation.

• I'm writing my bachelor's thesis paper, which isn't even such a big deal, but I want it to be really great and get top marks on it and everything, but it's proving to be really hard. I think I brought it on myself by setting the bar up high for myself, because now I'm blocked from writing any of my paper. I struggle pretty much every day with the thoughts about writing it and how it's gonna turn out, and then I'm angry with myself for not just writing. I even chose a subject I like; I'm writing about lorelai gilmore losing her dominant position in discourse, which is interesting. but it's gonna be done before christmas, so... only weeks left!

• dance is going nicely though after the hell of starting again in the fall. I've been getting some positive feedback from teachers every now and then and I feel like something's just clicked with certain things and I'm getting it when it comes to technique. workshops with american teachers continue to be hard as hell, however.

• happy halloween! I'm still in halloween mood because I'm having my party next saturday! the day was better for a few of my friends and me, and it's a type of all saints' day in finland anyway, so still a week to go! also I'm spending a week before my party without eating any candy or desserts, and it hasn't been as hard as I thought! actually easy. yay! we already had some snow that has since melted, but I'm also ready to start waiting for christmas.

and I am reading my friends list every day! :D just couuunting the days until I can turn in this thesis paper. gaaahhh.
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