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hello! I just sent a final draft of my bachelor's thesis to my instructor today! so I suppose I suddenly felt like there was also something else I could do other than angst over writing it or studying. I was supposed to study for a japanese exam on thursday but I stayed up until 4am writing the paper so my brain was fairly uncooperative today.

anyways, I remembered I'd been meaning to post photos of my apartment! I moved in in... 2007? so it's been a long time coming but now I have photos to show, seasonally! I'm also a decorator nut so beware of stupid commentary, haha.

I also dyed my hair copper in october and while it didn't last that color for long it was still nice! some people were asking to see it so I thought I'd throw those in here, too. and some dance photos since dancing is pretty much all I do!

I realized most of the photos are from the same direction, and my kitchen isn't to be seen. but it's ugly anyway. this is an approx. 25m2 studio with an alcove and although it's small it suits me fine and I love the location.

two summers ago maybe? possibly my favorite curtains. birds! and leaves!

hello, I'm invading this photo but it was the only one with these curtains. more birds!

autumn of last year I think.

woke up to this a few days ago.

finland has never had this much snow at this time of year. I love it.

aand the hair! I had such a wide range of expressions to choose from, hahaa. so, sorry about the angst face. the color was actually very unsuitable for me in indoor lightning so I'm glad it faded fast.

this is the hair now I guess in case you're not friends with me on facebook!

these photos are from the spring of this year. not so great but it's hard to get good ones!

only 3 days left of school!
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