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happy holidays!

I'm at my parents' place for a few nights for christmas. I've been seeing my friends so often in the past few days I feel like I've seen them more than I have altogether this year, and that's fantastic, I love it.

LJ seems a bit quiet already. I feel so horrible for not sending out christmas cards this year, either, and the reason I didn't possibly submit my address when some of you were asking because I knew I probably wouldn't send my own and I felt like a bad person for asking for cards. I'm so sorry guys. :( I will try again next year!

so this is my card to you:

merry christmas my dears!

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Have a happy holiday, Oona!!
thank you ami, it was great! :)
Love to you, Oona! Merry Christmas!
love to you, too, erica! mwah!
Heyyyy, I'm not Erica! D:
oh my god! what the hell! I'm so sorry sandee! :( thanks for correcting me! I swear, this is not the first time this has happened to me! and I could swear I saw erries there, what is this?! it's not dyslexia either since your names aren't that much alike. arghhhhh. I'm sorryyyy. D: *big hugs*
Dude I didn't see you and I doubt I will but Hope you had a wonderful Christmas eve, that you are having an amazing Christmas day and a fantastic 2011!!!
Sorry we couldn't chat properly before but I'm going tomorrow, and will come back til next year. See you 2011!! You Rock!! *glomps* Love you tons and stuff ;)
awwww dude I'm so sorry I didn't make it to msn, I wanted to wish you a merry christmas and a fantastic trip to disneeyyyy! ;) I hope your christmas was lovely as well and have a crazy new year's! take care out there and have a fun time! love you lots! *huggles*