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life update, anyone?

haha, I hate that I update so rarely and when I do I need to write an essay about what has been happening lately. I'd rather write shorter updates more often. oh well, I'll try to keep it short!

• I was on tv again, this time on the finnish version of Idol. it was the finale and our group danced behind the same singer as last time! he liked us so much he asked us to come again. this time we got more to do and it was a really fun experience. the finnish idol isn't that huge a deal but nothing in finland really is so I guess it's one of the biggest things there is, so it felt nice to be a part of it.

• I graduate as a bachelor of arts tomorrow, yay! finally. I'm right on schedule, too, at least almost. so I'm pleased! I get to wear a new pretty dress tomorrow and then go to a restaurant with my parents.

• I took part in the finnish championship dance competition with a solo. remember last year when I was going to do it but my shoulder popped or something nice like that? this year I managed to keep myself relatively unharmed and coreographed my own solo and competed, yay! it was so great. mollee gray from SYTYCD and tokyo were guest judges at the competition and watched me dance! that was weird. I got through from the first round but then got eliminated: I ended up on the 18th shared spot out of 42 dancers so I'm happy because it was my first time and I was in the better half of competitors at least!

• the annual summer job angst has been on me all spring as well, but I haven't given up and finally at least got an interview! we'll see how it goes, I'm not at all convinced I'll get it, but at least there's still hope!

• hmm, this weekend we had our dance school's spring recitals and they went okay and everyone keeps saying how I've gotten a lot better and developed this year. it makes me happy, I really do take this seriously and work hard even though I feel like there's still so much more I could do. this summer I'm planning on doing yoga as much as possible and jogging as long as my feet don't give out.

well, that's some of it for now. I promise once again to try and update more often!
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