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whoops, where did the summer go?

oh hi, I didn't update this thing once during the summer. now seriously, just a quick recap. I SO wish I could update often enough so that I could write about something a little more detailed than whether I'm alive or not. so. QUICK!

didn't get a summer job, I suck muchly. didn't bother me so much since I had some friends not working either except I'm broke now, yay. had a fun and uneventful summer, went to a spa with mom, bummed around, read books, bummed around some more.

got into a dance formation group for the finnish dance championships, to be coregraphed by tokyo and mollee gray! hellls yea. need to run high intensity interval training 3 times a week and such, hello fitness!

went to a tori amos concert a few weeks ago while I was having a short bout of flu after being healthy for like 2 years! wtf.
it was KICKASSSSSS. I'm so glad I went because I love her. even though I sat so far away I could have cried because I learned about the concert so late and there were so few tickets left, and even though I haven't loved her music since scarlet's walk, it was still awesooome. here, have the setlist:

1. Shattering Sea
2. Graveyard
3. Suede
4. Baker Baker
5. Fearlessness
6. Mrs. Jesus
7. Marianne
8. Girl Disappearing
9. Cloud On My Tongue
10. Star Whisperer
11. Running to Stand Still (U2 cover)
12. Sister Janet
13.Caught a Lite Sneeze
14. Cruel
15. Nautical Twilight
16. Snow Cherries From France
17. Winter

18. A Multitude of Shades
19. Your Ghost

Encore 2:
20. Mr. Zebra
21. Tear in Your Hand
22. Silent All These Years
23. Carry

I'm so happy she played baker baker, winter and silent all these years. I really want to hear precious things live, but I was afraid she wouldn't play it. winter has been my favorite song of hers for a while, so I was ecstatic she played it. but I think my favorite in the whole concert was tear in your hand because she was just on fire with it. dang. the new songs are fine, but I'm not a fan of classical music so, eh. during silent all these years I ran from my place to the floor where everyone had stood up and gotten closer to the stage so I saw her a bit better for a short while, but she was still faaar away. I also got a pretty tote bag. I want to see her again!

ALSO, bought plane tickets to NYC! got the trip for my 25th birthday and asked a friend to join, and we are going in january! I'm ridiculously excited, I've never been to the US. anyone want to come say hi? ;)

went to the city's amusement park light carnival this weekend with a friend and rode the rollercoaster for the first time since high school, and I was screaming my head off! so much fun. we ate waffles and licorice and saw pumpkins and a zombie and a headless man (the job I had last year actually! wish I could have gotten it this year, too).

I wanna get into pottermore already!

hmm. halloween is coming, and since autumn is my favorite time of the year, I'm loving it. school is a bit stressful, but if I was even slightly better organized and managed to do things before the last minute, I would be fine. I'll work on it next week I think.

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